Youghal Motorcycle Club
  1. Easter Saturday MCI
    Sign On 10:00 Begins at 11:00
    Details to follow
Easter 2 Day Trial Entry
  • There will be a fuel stop so a second 5lt Jerry can of Fuel will be required by each rider/Minder each day.
  • Only Competitors and Registered Minders are allowed on the course. You must be signed on before you can ride the course.
  • No Riding Trials Motorcycles on the Road at any time during this event.

Saturday & Sunday Start Times

Sportsman Riders off at 10:30
Clubman & Youth B Riders off at 10:40
Semi-Expert & Youth A off at 10:50
Expert & Expert Elite off at 11:00 

 Last Sign on at 11:00 each day

Saturday Lap
Sportsman 2 Laps and all other Grades 3 Laps

Sunday  Lap
All Grades 4 Laps


Facebook Address:- Youghal Motor Cycle Club
Easter Two Day Trial, Sat 26th April (IC) and  Sun 27th March (SC) 2016,
VENUE: The VEE, Co Waterford
TIME: 10.30am First Rider Away
MCUI (SC) Limited Permit Number 2016/057
To be held under the General Competition Rules and Standing Regulations of the MCUI and MCUI (SC) Limited.
RIDER________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________
COMP. LIC. NO._________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
You must read and agree to the following declaration and paragraphs below which are designed tolegally binding relationship in return for your being allowed to enter and compete.
1. I confirm that the information in this entry form and the information and my acceptance of the terms of my competition licence are correct.
2. I confirm that I understand the nature of the competition I am entering and I am competent to take part.
3. I confirm that any vehicle that I use will comply with the regulations and will be safe and fit for use in the competition.
4. I will satisfy myself (by sighting lap or otherwise) before taking part that the venue and track is acceptable to me with regard to its features and physical layout (unless prohibited to do so).
5. I will NOT take part if I have any doubt about my ability or the safety of the venue.
6. I accept that competition in motorcycle sport may involve injury or death and I agree to take part at my own risk.
7. Before taking part in the event I will read and be bound by and comply with any regulations and final instructions issued by the organiser, circuit owners and the governing bodies.
8. I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs and that if I am taking any prescribed medication I will inform the event promoter and seek approval to participate before taking part.
9. If under the age of 18, my parent/guardian has read the above and signed the declaration and agreement below.
To allow the applicant to enter the competition you must agree to the matters set out below which are designed
a) I (print name) am the Parent/Legal Guardian
b) I have read the entry form and declaration completed by the applicant and confirm the answers are true.
c) I confirm that he/she is competent to take part in the event and that any vehicle which he/she will use is safe and fit for the competition
d) I will, before allowing him/her to take part, satisfy myself that the course and the facilities are safe and will inspect same.
e) I also hereby AGREE that if the applicant should sustain any injury from any cause whilst taking part in the event and as a result bring a claim for compensation against you or the or the organisers or officials or sponsors or entrants or owners of the venue I WILL INDEMNIFY AND PAY BACK TO YOU any sum which you may be required to pay as a result of such claim.
Address (if different from applicant)
ENTRY TO:- David Coughlan, Ballyheeny, Clashmore, Co Waterford
ENTRY FEE:- Adults 30e per event (50e for both days) Juniors 20e per event (30e for both days) Open to all grades including Twinshocks, Pre 65 and Juniors
 ( Cheques should be made payable to " Youghal Motor Cycle Club Ltd" and entries will be accepted up until 10.30am on morning of event )
Sunday the 27th will hold Junior Mini Trial on a separate course.
Venue: The Vee, Co Waterford
Start Time 11am First Rider Away
MCUI (SC) Limited Permit Number 16/057
1. Jurisdiction. The event will be held under the General Competition Rules and Standing Regulations of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland and Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Southern Centre) Limited, these Supplementary Regulations and any further Regulations subsequently issued.
2 Eligibility. The event is open to drivers holding a current competition licence issued by the MCUI, ACU or SACU. The promoters require holders of ACU and SACU competition licences to show evidence of the required Medical
Expenses and Repatriation cover before permitting a start.
3. Stewards of the Meeting.
MCUI (Steward) Frank Blackbyrne
4. Officials.
Clerk of the Course Tommy Keniry
Club Stewart Anthony Lombard
Child Protection Officer Lynn Walsh
5. Entries. Entries must be made on the official form, complete in every detail
ENTRY FEE:- 30e All Riders
( Cheques should be made payable to " Youghal Motor Cycle Club Ltd" )
And sent to the Secretary of the Meeting
David Coughlan, Ballyheeny, Clashmore, Co Waterford
6. Classes. Elegible Riders  Expert Elite, Expert,  Semi Expert, Clubman, Sportsman, Junior A & B  
7. Course will be a Number of Laps of the area
The course will be marked with direction arrows or flags indicating the desired route between sections.
8. Start and Finish. Riders will sign on at the start and sign off at the finish. Anyone who does not start at his due time will receive no allowance of time for late starting.
9. Sections. The sections will be indicated by Yellow Markers at the start and White Markers at the finish. The boundaries of the sections are indicated by Blue Markers on the left and Red Markers on the right.
10. Awards.
Awards will be given in all Grades over a combined result from both days.