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New To Trials?
Here is some information to help get you started

Get Some Balance Get into Trials
Video by Western Districts Trials Club Australia
 Copyright 2014 B. Morris 

    About Moto Trials
   Moto Trials is the Slowest and Cheapest form of motor Sport and this makes it a very safe and family friendly sport. The test is of skill on the use of balance, throttle control, suspension and timing  so physical strength is only an advantage at the higher levels. There is no distinction between male and female for grades and parents can ride with their children or we will provide an experienced rider to help them around the course. 
 ​​What you Need
·         Trials motorbike
·     Trials Helmet (motocross can also be used)
·     Trials Boots
Entering  a Trial
·          You need to be a member of the Club to ride in Club events. Membership is €20 for adults and €10 for Juniours for the Year running from January to December membership can be paid on the day of the trial.  We offer a one day Honorary   membership see details below.
·         You need an MCUI License  these last for 1 year January to December and cost €80  or you can get a one day licences for €20  which can be paid on the day of the trial
·         Entry Fee for each trial is €20  for Club events and €35 for National events
For Riders just starting we offer a one day membership for €5:00 to help keep the cost down 
1 Day Club Membership €5:00
 1 day MCUI License €20:00
 Closed to Club Trial Entry Fee   €20:00
 ​Training Trials
We run a number of training trials throughout the year. These training days are good fun without the pressure of competition. They cater for riders of all ages who  want to improve, haven’t been out in a while or are brand new to the sport. Experienced riders are there to give advice and help with developing techniques and improving your riding.   Training days will be posted on the events page.
 Bibs/Number Boards
Riders are asked to fit a coloured Number board to the front of their bike or wear a coloured bib to help the observer know what grade the rider is competing in. Failure to do so will mean the riders score will not be recorded in the club championship.
Red - Expert
Yellow - Semi-Expert/Junior A
Green - Clubman/Junior B
Blue - Sportsman 
 Expert (Hardest Level)
Semi-Expert (Hard)
Clubman (Rider that is gaining confidence on the bike)
Sportsman (Beginning trials getting used to riding the course and  easy sections)
Pre 65 & Twinshock  (Riders often choose a level lower than they normally ride)
Youth A, B & C

Look before you Leap
If you would like to see a trial before you decide if it is for you then you can come along to any of our trials and chip in as an observer  or simply watch a few of the sections
 For a Full list of rules and regulations go to the Trials Ireland website
Trials Rules and Championship          Information Download